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Understanding Your Bill

You will receive a bill each month for the amount of electricity you used the previous month. Your meter will be read monthly by either a Cooperative employee or the Cooperative contracted meter reading company. Members then receive their bills by mail.

The billing date is determined by where your service is located in our service area and arranged geographically. Your actural billing date will vary monthly by a couple of days because of weekends and holidays. Consumers whose account number begins with 1 or 2 will receive their bill the first week of the month. If your account number begins with a 3 or 4, you will receive your bill in the second week of the month. If you do not receive your bill near the normal billing date, call Meade County RECC. If you pay the bill within the specified date on the statement, you may pay the AMOUNT TO BE PAID BY DUE DATE as indicated on the bill. Your account is credited when payment is received at Meade County RECC. Delays caused by the postal service do not affect the date your bill is due. If your pay after the date, you pay the AMOUNT TO BE PAID AFTER DUE DATE. This larger amount includes a ten (10) percent % late charge.

Meter Reading

Meade County RECC members are not required to provide monthly meter readings for their electric service. The Cooperative contracts meter reading services to a private vendor. All employees of the vendor undergo background checks and will be in marked vehicles and in uniform. Meters will be read each month within the same three-day period, if possible. This will help insure the accuracy of readings and accurate monthly billings.

Billing Terms

Most of the information on your electric bill is easily understood, but here are a few terms that might require further explanation.

Amount to be paid after due date

This amount is due if the bill is not paid by the DUE DATE. A ten (10) percent % penalty is added to the current month’s charges.

Amount to be paid by due date

This is determined by the number of kilowatt-hours of electricity consumed, multiplied by Meade County RECC’s electric rate. It is the cost of the electricity used plus applicable taxes, any previous balance, and/or other miscellaneous charges. This amount is due when you receive your bill. There is an approximate 14-day period during which it may be paid without a ten (10) percent % late charge.

Your Account Number

Your account number is used for billing and service location purposes. Please use this number when contacting Meade County RECC to discuss any problem regarding your account or service.

(kWh) Kilowatt-hour

This is a unit of measurement for electricity. A kilowatt-hour is 1,000 watts used for one hour. As a reference, one 100-watt light bulb operating for 10 hours would use one kilowatt-hour of electricity.

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